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Gus Grissom Corvette

July 30, 2007

 Throughout the 1960’s, the U.S. was engaged in a “SPACE RACE” with the Soviet Union….it was a race to be the first to land a man on the moon and return safely back to Earth.

At the Cape, there was a different kind of race going on…it was a race to see which Astronaut had the fastest Corvette!.

The 2 major contenders were Alan Shepard and Virgil “Gus” Grissom.

In early fall of 1966, both Gus and Alan took delivery of new 1967 Corvette Roadsters equipped with the 427/435hp pavement pounding big block engines.

A dear friend of mine, Jim Rathmann who owned Jim Rathmann Chevrolet/Cadillac in Melbourne, Florida delivered both cars from his Chevy dealership.

Gus went privately to Jim and told him that Alan was a more experienced driver and that if he were to be competitive, he would need an edge.

Jim had a 4:56 posi-traction rear installed in Gus’s car and then had the rear wheel openings flared out and a set of racing slicks installed. I’m sure you can guess the outcome…Gus won almost all of the time when the 2 would square off at the Cape on a Saturday night and race each other a 1/4 of a mile for dinner or a beer.

Sadly, all this fun ended tragically on January 27th, 1967 when Gus along with fellow Astronauts Edward White and Roger Chaffee perished in the Apollo One fire on the launch pad at Cape Kennedy.

The car had several owners and in 1985 ended up in the hands of a gentleman in South Florida.

He owned this incredible piece of history until the Spring of 2006 when the Corvette was purchased by Cars Of Yesterday, Inc. This vintage car dealership operates the Cars From Yesterday vintage car museum which can be seen at

Rick Hofberg, Shawn and Marvin Friedman appeared in December of 2006 on the Today show in South Florida hosted by long time car collector, Bob Mayer who has been a news caster with NBC for more than 30 years. Shawn  announced the car would be sold at the Russo and Steele car auction in Scottsdale,  Arizona at NO RESERVE in a few weeks.

The car was sold to a Corvette Collector in the Phoenix area for $275,000.


Cars Of Yesterday

July 5, 2007

In 1960 I was involved with the development, distribution and sale of the world’s first car stereo. It was called AutoStereo and soon became a household word. Everything I learned about marketing, sales and promotion, I learned from my mentor, Earl “MadMan” Muntz( Sadly Earl passed away in 1987 and I think about him often.

I became interested in Cars Of Yesterday( before my 21st birthday. I began to buy as many Cars Of Yesterday( and Cars From Yesterday( in 1960.

I remember buying a 1952 gorgeous V-12 Ferrrari for $5000 in 1961….I still have that car.

As time went on, I accumulated more and more of the fabulous Cars Of Yesterday…today, 421 of the Cars Of Yesterday are on display in our auto museum….Cars From Yesterday. Our web site is If would like to take a trip back in time…to the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s…please visit our free web site.

We are constantly adding photos and stories about Cars Of Yesterday and Cars From Yesterday(…if you have a great story about a car you owned or currently owned…please e-mail it to us…if we think it’s unique and of interest…we will publish it on our web site.

With more than 60 million “baby boomers” around…the interest in the great Cars Of Yesterday continues to grow.