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Cars of Yesterday pompano,fl-1965 Plymouth HEMI Lightweight

October 22, 2007

pomano beach,fl,Cars of Yesterday

Cars of Yesterday

An excellent video on YouTube of a Dodge Coronet HEMI 426c.i.recreation from Cars of Yesterday pompano,fl is a fine example of the Dodge & Plymouth A-990 cars that were the end result of a change in drag rules mandated by the NHRA and the continuing special high performance program at Chrysler to keep pace with both the rules and the competition…..

Following the end of the 1964 season NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) banned the use of aluminum and/or fiberglass body components on both stock and super stock cars.

The older aluminum & fiberglass-bodied cars would still be eligible to run in stock classes if they had met the minimum production numbers.

The A-990 Mopars would meet these new rules head on and the interior was also lightened as much as possible.

The initial run of A-990’s came out of the modification center weighing 500 pounds less than the standard super stock car of 1964 and 250 pounds less than the NHRA requirement.

Now the factory had to add some weight back so they added a steel gas tank shield, a re-enforced roll bar and standard steel bumpers and deck lids…and the cars weighed in right on the money!

These cars were so fast that these A-990’s were virtually unbeatable for several years to come and for the first two years…1965 and 1966…they were the ONLY cars in the class at all…..

ET’s in the high 10 second range were commonplace with these cars.