How you can protect yourself when buying a car on the Internet? If you follow these steps….you won’t be a victim of a scam!

1.Know who your dealing with & who your sending money to!

       A. Ask the seller for the physical address where the vehicle is being stored. Find out when you can come and inspect the car…if they are reluctant to let you look at the car prior to buying it…this is a red flag.

        B. Ask the seller for a faxed copy of the FRONT & BACK of the vehicle’s title. Check the vin number against the vin listed in the Ebay auction. See if he or she actually owns the vehicle you want to possibly purchase.

        C. Ask the seller for ALL of his/her phone contact numbers. If he/she is reluctant or only will give you a cell phone number, this could be a red flag.

        D. If he is asking for money, ask the seller for the name & address of where he banks and the name of an officer at that bank that you can call. Always check the number you receive against the number information has for that bank.

       E. WARNING! Never send money via Western Union…it’s a favorite way the scam artists are ripping people off. Never send Postal money’s another way people are being defrauded. The safest way is thru a Bank wire transfer but have your bank speak directly with an officer of the bank your sending money to. It’s a good idea to find out how long the seller has been at that bank and if there have ever been any complaints against this individual or company.

       F. Remember…if it sounds too good to be true…it probably is….

The following is an actual incidence that happened recently to an Ebay bidder…..They noticed a gorgeous vintage convertible that we were running in an auction on Ebay with a posted “Buy It Now” price of $32,888.

A short time later, they saw an auction showing the same car & same pictures with a “Buy It Now” price of $7000.  They hit the “Buy It Now” price of $7000 thinking they had just got the deal of a lifetime! Remember…”if’s it sounds too good to be true…it is!” They wired the money to a bank in Croatia $7000 as instructed…and that was the end to their $7000! If they had taken the effort to get a copy of the title, if they would have gotten a physical address of where the car was, if they would have had the seller checked out at this bank, if they would have gotten some verifiable phone numbers…they wouldn’t have been scammed out of their hard earned $7000.

This is not a unique story…it happens many times EVERY day all over the world. 99% of the sellers & buyers on Ebay are honest people…but it is that 1% of the “Rotten Apples” that you have to be on the look out for!

We are proud of our reputation…We have been selling great cars on Ebay since 2000!

Every single buyer who has ever purchased a car from us received the vehicle and the free & clear title…so please…be careful and know who you are sending money to!

Thanks and best of luck!

If you have ANY questions…call us at 1-800-930-4002 if your in the U.S. or if outside the U.S. call us at 954-895-7940.

Our E-mail address is


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